View all my paintings together 7 July - Aug 31st at Friedrich Rolf GmbH in Göttingen


Craig Johnson is a creative with his left hand flecked with paint and the right sliding a computer mouse around. All his creative pursuits fall under the moniker Window Gazing. The name came about because whatever he’s doing, looking out a window helps him to get started or get out of a dead end. Fortunately Craig’s studio window looks out onto a lovely forest on the edge of town in Göttingen, Germany. He moved there from Bristol, England in 2020, at a time when Covid was making many of us move closer to our families.   

His challenge for 2024 is to place his talents more often into the hands of others to fulfill their own aesthetic visions through commissions. So please enjoy the following works from Craig and if they inspire you, please get in touch and let him know what you’d love for him to paint for you via email at: [email protected]